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Completing the Cycle of Care

Fit-N-Wise therapy and rehabilitation services are available to treat patients with a wide range of conditions who need help regaining motion, strength and independence. We offer a comprehensive team approach to outpatient therapy services. This includes working with each patient and their physician to provide individualized care through a personalized treatment program. Our rehab clinics are located across North Texas, including Argyle, Decatur, Bridgeport, Boyd and Fort Worth.

Aquatic Therapy at Fit-N-Wise takes advantage of water’s buoyancy to support joints are healing bones. Fit-N-Wise also has a wheelchair accessible therapy pool to help improve function.

The cardiopulmonary program at Fit-N-Wise is staffed with nurses, exercise physiologists and respiratory therapists to help patients diagnosed with heart disease or recent heart surgery and lung diseases.

Help your body relax with Fit-N-Wise Massage Therapy. Our therapists provide customized massage treatments to address your individual needs.

The Occupational Therapy Program at Fit-N-Wise focuses on helping patients recover, strengthen and develop the skills needed for work and daily living skills.

Our certified pediatric therapists work with patients from infants to adolescents, offering occupational, physical and speech therapy.

Fit-N-Wise certified physical therapists work with patients to help overcome injuries or illnesses that have limited their movement. Therapists provide a customized plan for each patient.

Occupational Health at Wise Health System is designed to meet your needs as an employer. We can customize a program to fit your company’s pre and post-employment testing needs.

The Speech Therapy Department at Fit-N-Wise offers compassionate care for patients with swallowing disorders and speech difficulties, stemming from different types of injuries.

Our certified physical therapists offer therapy programs for women include pregnancy and post-partum care, loss of bladder control and pelvic pain.

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