Swim Team

FNW Swim is a USA Swimming team that began January 2009 with 18 members and has now grown to over 40 members.

Team Swim Meets

FNW Swim competes in many local competitions within the Metroplex and surrounding areas such as Oklahoma. The swimmers compete in their age and ability classification until faster times are posted and thus qualify to move to the higher ranks. Most swimmers swim in approximately 1 meet per month.

FNW USA Swim Team

FNW USA swim team is a competitive year-round team. The team competes mainly in North Texas, but also travels across Texas and surrounding states. The FNW USA team is designed to prepare kids to swim in high school, college, and beyond!

FNW TAAF Swim Team

FNW TAAF swim team is our amateur league team. This team focuses on developing proper stroke form, endurance, and education of the sport to the swimmer and parents. FNW TAAF competes in the summer but practices all year. This group will prepare swimmers to advance to the FNW USA Swim Team.

Our FNW Swim Team strives to not only build a swimmer’s self confidence but also benefits fitness levels and team mentality. ASCA certified and trained FNW Swim coaches strive to recognize all FNW swimmers on improvements and accomplishments and help build self-esteem by providing a great swim team experience and support. Swimming is such a beneficial sport in many aspects. FNW Swim is a great opportunity for swimmers and their parents, who can volunteer as a club and meet officials in USA Swimming Programs, to participate in swim as a family.


We have open tryouts every Monday at 6pm. To make the team they must swim 25 yards on their stomach and back and demonstrate a level of comfort in the water for the swim coach. If they do not meet this standard the coach will give them their options going forward.

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