Sports Injury Prevention

The Sports Injury Prevention program offers assessments for athletes to undergo in order to prevent and treat injuries. Assessments are available for all athletes and include:

  • Body Mechanics Evaluation
  • Muscle and Peripheral Neurological Testing
  • Functional Movement System
  • Upper and Lower Y-Balance Testing
  • Move2Perform Software
  • ImPACT Concussion Testing
  • Tuck Jump Test – ACL Prevention Screening
    •         — Quad Dominance
    •         — Ligament Dominance
    •         — Leg Dominance
    •         — Trunk Dominance
    •         — Landing Error Scoring System (LESS)
  • Return to Play Testing
    •         — T-Test
    •         — Star-Drill
    •         — Squared Hop Test
    •         — Side Hop Test
    •         — Figure-of-Eight Hop Test
    •         — 6M Crossover Hop Test
  • Throwing Mechanics Analysis
  • Hitting Mechanics Analysis
  • Running Mechanics Analysis
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