Recovery Zone

Are you a Fit-N-Wise fitness member or a guest? Are you a patient of our therapy or sports medicine? Are you a parent bringing your athlete for swim practice or to sports performance training?Anyone can stop in our Recovery Zone for one of our treatments to help relieve soreness/aches and pains, to speed up recovery time, and to help get back to workouts and training sooner!

Recovery Packages:

Start Up:
$10.00 for 10 Minutes

Choice of:
– Heat/Cold E-Stim
– Theragun
– Game Ready
– Normatec

Semi-Pro Package
$30.00 for 35 Minutes

– 10 Minutes – Heat/Cold E-Stim
– 5 Minutes – Theragun
– 10 Minutes – Game ready
– 10 Minutes – Normatec

Pro Package
$50.00 for 55 Minutes

– 15 Minutes – Heat/Cold E-Stim
– 5 Minutes – Lazer
– 5 Minutes – Theragun
– 10 Minutes – Game Ready
– 20 Minutes – Normatec

Ask About Our Other Sports Medicine Treatments.

Questions or Concerns?

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about our services.
Feel free to contact us by phone, or click the link below to send us an email.


(940) 627-2708


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