Aquatics Classes

Water buoyancy of aquatic fitness creates an impact-free alternative to land exercise that is easier and less stressful on the joints. It allows for variations in the intensity of a workout making it appealing to members of all abilities. During a water workout you get the benefit of strength and cardio training all in one workout.

Fit-N-Wise offers a wide variety of shallow and deep water classes to strengthen muscles and develop cardio fitness.

How to Sign Up

Please stop by our main location in Decatur to sign up for an Fit-N-Wise Aquatic class or program.

When to Arrive

Class participants are encouraged to arrive 5 minutes BEFORE class begins. You must not be more than 10 minutes late to participate in class. Members are asked to stay out of water class lanes if not participating in the class.

Benefits of Aquatic Fitness Classes

  • Running, jogging and walking in water not only strengthens the leg and hip muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteals, but also helps to develop cardio respiratory fitness.


  • Aquatic Fitness is typically performed in a vertical position in shallow and/or deep water. There are numerous applications to appeal to a wide variety of participants.


  • The water’s unique properties allow the pool to provide an environment for people of all abilities. Buoyancy creates a reduced impact exercise alternative that is easy on the joints, while the water’s resistance, challenges the muscles.

Class Schedule & Descriptions

Visit the Aquatic Schedules page to download the current class descriptions and schedule.

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